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Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Due to the physical nature and audible ‘crack’ sound often associated with chiropractic treatment, many people hesitate to seek a chiropractor for their body pain. But, chiropractic care isn’t as scary as it seems.

Chiropractic care is simply a medical treatment using hands-on spinal manipulation and alternative therapies to re-align joints in the body for healing and pain recovery. The word ‘chiro‘ derives from Greek and means to ‘to do with the hands,’ referring to something done by hand.

The ‘cracking’ sound that often deters people from chiropractic therapy is just the sound of air bubbles in the fluids surrounding the joints popping. The sound occurs during the pulling and stretching of joints—rather than bones breaking, as some fear. These adjustments are good for releasing tension in the joints, having minimal discomfort, and immediate relief and relaxation.

Most people don’t know that chiropractors don’t exclusively practice spinal manipulation. Often, chiropractors will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan that includes various manual therapies, lifestyle recommendations, and exercises that focus on long-term relief.

Discovered in the 1890s, chiropractic therapy and spinal manipulation has been around for centuries. Chiropractors in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and all-over British Columbia undergo six to seven years of post-secondary education and over 4200 hours of specialized training.

There’s a reason why people continue to seek chiropractic treatment, and it’s because they experience numerous benefits with this type of therapy. Keep reading for the top benefits of chiropractic care!

Treats Chronic Back Pain

The most common reason why people seek out chiropractic care is for chronic back pain, especially when caused by a sudden injury or accident like a motor vehicle accident. About 1/3 of Canadians experience back pain, and each year, 4.5 million Canadians use a chiropractor’s services. Back pain is not life-threatening, but it can debilitating and limiting to one’s daily life.

Many studies have shown the efficacy of chiropractic treatment of lower back pain. Manual chiropractic therapies like spinal manipulation (a sudden thrust to your joints) and mobilization (stretching muscles and joints) provides immediate pain relief and helps with long-term recovery.

Improved Posture

Those who worry about their posture do so for a good reason—bad posture can lead to many physical, mental, and emotional consequences. Although it may seem hard to revert lousy posture, chiropractors can help you learn how to hold your body up correctly through manual adjustments and education. A chiropractor will conduct adjustments around your shoulders to relieve any tension along the surrounding joints and muscles to help you ease into good posture.

Helps Relieve Migraines

Thousands of people suffer from migraines daily. Surprising to most, chiropractic therapy can help relieve migraine pain. Migraines are a severe form of headache involving throbbing pain in the forehead or temples and sensitivity to light and sounds. The cause of migraines is unknown, but there are links to dehydration, spinal misalignment, genetics, and various environmental factors.

While there’s no cure for migraines, chiropractic treatment can decrease their frequency and intensity. Applying spinal manipulation can help increase blood flow, allowing for better circulation of oxygen to the brain. Other therapies a chiropractor might use are soft tissue therapy, electrical stimulation, and a diet and exercise change recommendation.

Help Get Better Sleep

A chiropractor is concerned with total mind-body health, meaning they assess and consider mental, emotional, and environmental factors when treating a patient. When treating insomnia or disruptive sleeping patterns, a chiropractor can help relieve body pain to get you feeling comfortable in bed for a restful sleep. They may also make recommendations to your diet, type of mattress or pillow, and sleeping positions.

Lower Blood Pressure

Like massage therapy, chiropractic care can reduce blood pressure by increasing circulation in the body and better blood flow. The feelings of relaxation that often result from chiropractic treatment can also decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

While you may already have heard of these benefits of chiropractic care, there are many unexpected benefits of chiropractic care that might surprise you.

Increased Energy

Did you ever think chiropractic could boost your energy? Probably not. Many people turn to coffee as a quick remedy for energy loss and fatigue. Yet, chiropractic treatment can also help increase energy levels. Spinal adjustments can help restore balance and functionality in one’s body, resulting in improved energy levels and the ability to complete everyday tasks. Getting adequate sleep as a result of this manual therapy also leads to feeling more energized.

Breathing Easier

‘Subluxations’ are misalignment or partial fractures found in the spine, neck, and various joints. Spinal adjustments target those subluxations, putting those spinal segments back into place. When subluxations occur around the chest, the surrounding muscles and joints experience stiffness restricting body movement, making it difficult for the chest to expand and allow proper breathing. Correcting those subluxations can improve movement in those areas, clearing the pathway for adequate airflow.

Helps with Digestion

Another unsuspecting benefit of chiropractic care is help with digestion troubles. Digestive issues can come from various causes, and there are different medicinal and lifestyle treatments that can help treat them. But, most people aren’t aware that chiropractic can also help improve your digestion.

Misalignments in the spine can result in so many different health problems because it’s close to the central nervous system and attached to many nerves. Spinal adjustments in particular areas can decrease inflammation and promote healing, preventing improper digestion. It’s important to talk to your doctor to rule out other causes and see if chiropractic care is a fit for you.

Now that you know the top benefits of chiropractic care (and the less known ones), book an appointment with a chiropractor in Port Moody or Coquitlam you trust. Find a qualified chiropractor at Inspine Therapy; a clinic focused on whole-body wellness and personalized care.

Inspine Therapy is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering a wide assortment of services from chiropractic treatment and massage therapy to acupuncture and clinical counselling. Inspine Therapy aims to help you at every stage of your recovery.

Start your healing journey with professionals who are eager to help.

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