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How Chiropractic Care Benefits Your Brain & Mental Health

People who have a healthy spine tend to have a healthy brain, too. That’s why chiropractic care for brain health works for so many Canadians, and it’s worth knowing exactly why it’s so beneficial.

The Human Nervous System

Firstly, it’s important to realize that both the brain and spine form the nervous system. So they’re interconnected, with the function of one affecting the other, and both a healthy brain and spine are vital for wellbeing and good general health. In this way, the nervous system consists of two primary parts:

1. The central nervous system: is the part between the brain and spinal column and runs down its length. Because your nervous system is such a vital component, the spine serves more than one purpose. Where nerves run through the spinal column, it provides mechanical protection in the event of trauma. The central nervous system is made up of the brain, the brainstem, and the spinal cord. It transmits signals associated with sensations and movement.

2. The peripheral nervous system: extends into your organs and arms, and legs via the cranial nerves, the spinal nerves, and the peripheral nerves. This system controls many things we do subconsciously, like breathing, heartbeats, and digesting food.

Communications along with the peripheral nervous system and via the central nervous system to your brain are essential for human function. When you injure a limb, for instance, pain signals sent back to the brain allow it to order the correct events to retract the affected body part and prevent further damage.

Chiropractic Care in Coquitlam and Port Moody: The Impact on Brain Health

It’s why the brain and spine are intrinsically linked when it comes to health and function. Because the nervous system extends into the spine, problems affecting the spinal column can have direct consequences for brain function.

Chiropractors and brain health are so closely aligned because they treat spinal issues that can affect nerve function. Chiropractors perform many different adjustments and treatments that can have an immediate impact on brain function too. That’s why when your spine is healthy, it can provide a cornerstone for both physical and mental good health.

Spinal health and your brain: How Chiropractors can treat common conditions

You can think of them as roadblocks, closed lanes on the highway, or pinch points that interfere with the transport of information between your body and brain. Spinal misalignments and back problems can occur for numerous reasons, like accidents, lousy diet, incorrect posture, age, or even the day-to-day stresses of life and work.

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to spinal and mental health. They work on spinal adjustments, advise about diet and exercise, and can assess and correct problems with posture. That’s why it’s never the wrong time to visit a chiro in Port Moody. For most of us, there’s always room to improve how our bodies and brains interact – and it can produce fast, sustained improvements in a range of specific conditions:

· Chiropractic care and migraines: Chiropractors can achieve some startling results by treating spinal issues that exacerbate migraines. As well as physical alignments and manipulations, dietary tactics can improve the lives of migraine sufferers.

· Treating pain with chiropractic care: Aside from migraines and other headaches, patients often live with pain from a number of causes, such as sudden, temporary musculoskeletal pain and chronic pain. Spinal alignments and manipulation can change how you perceive and deal with pain, help eliminate incorrect spinal movements, and even boost the nervous signals that promote healing and healthy blood flow.

· Stress and chiropractic care: Stress can be a part of how humans function, like prompting us to run from danger. However, prolonged stress is neither desirable nor healthy, and chiropractors also help patients combat sources and causes of stress by relieving muscle tension. Whether physical or mental, the body and brain work together to recover from stresses, so a healthy spine and brain are an essential part of dealing with modern life.

· Sleep problems and chiropractic care: We need sleep for our brains to function correctly, so issues in that area can have numerous knock-on effects on our health. When you feel groggy throughout the day, it can affect your work and ability to communicate with family and friends – leading to stressful situations. Because chiro helps you relax, it promotes better rest and sleep.

· Exercising is good for the body and mind: With regular chiropractic care, people are better able to exercise – and it works both ways. The more you move and exercise, the stronger and less injury-prone you’ll be. It all promotes good health and wellbeing.

Port Moody and Coquitlam Chiropractors: Better Health

Good health depends on a myriad of factors, and visiting your Port Moody chiropractor can help you improve and overcome a variety of issues. It’s never the wrong time to get a chiropractic assessment, and it can also help prevent future problems. Give us a call on 604-936-8288, drop us an email at, or use our online booking form today, and start your own journey toward a better body and mind!

Physiotherapists can employ a wide range of tools and techniques when treating patients with a wide variety of problems, and electrotherapy is one of them. When you visit a physiotherapist in Port Moody & Coquitlam, they’ll perform a complete examination and then concentrate on designing a treatment plan consisting of specific, tailored exercises, helpful stretching techniques, careful and calculated manipulation, and they may also use several different forms of electrotherapy.

Electrotherapy is a painless process and delivers tailored levels of stimulation via specialized devices to target nerves, muscles, and tendons, promoting blood flow and healing and relieving the pain associated with injuries or chronic problems.


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