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Chiropractor Burke Mountain


Chiropractor Burke Mountain
Discover the Positive Outcomes of Chiropractic Care at Our Burke Mountain Center
Step into our revered chiropractic center nestled in the bustling city of Coquitlam. Within our center’s premises, our unwavering dedication is directed towards amplifying your overall well-being by means of chiropractic care. Our team of committed chiropractors strives to administer tailored treatments that pinpoint the underlying origin of your discomfort. By selecting our Coquitlam center, you open the gateway to a diverse spectrum of benefits poised to enhance your physical health, mitigate pain, and champion optimal functionality. Unearth the advantages of embracing chiropractic treatment at our center through the subsequent segments.
Positive Outcomes of Chiropractic:
  • Pain Mitigation
  • Enhanced Functionality and Mobility
  • Bettered Posture and Spinal Health
  • Averting Harmful Injuries
  • Non-Surgical, Drugless Cure
Strategically positioned in the heart of Coquitlam, our chiropractic clinic holds a paramount focus on your health and well-being. With our skilled chiropractors and an all-encompassing approach, our goal is to deliver exceptional care that yields lasting outcomes. Be it the pursuit of pain alleviation, enhanced functionality, or overall well-being, our Coquitlam clinic lays forth the advantages of chiropractic treatment in a secure, effective, and patient-oriented environment. Embrace the transformative perks of chiropractic care by scheduling an appointment at our Coquitlam clinic today. For appointment reservations, feel free to dial 604-474-0021 or conveniently click here. We extend our gratitude for opting for Inspine Therapy to fulfill your healthcare needs.

Inspine Therapy Clinics

Coquitlam Clinic

102-2764 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam, BC V3B 1B9
Monday – Friday: 8am – 8:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
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It is a building next to Coquitlam Center Rona and is located in the same plaza as the Korean restaurant “Night Sea”.

Port Moody Clinic

2404 St Johns st, Port Moody, BC V3H 2B1
Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 8:30pm
Saturday/Sunday: 9am – 5pm
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It is located across from the Shell gas station on board St. John’s and next to the Rawheed Wonton House.

Langley Clinic (Soon to Open)

#240 8063 199 st, Langley Twp, BC V2Y 0E2