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Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a painful condition that occurs when tendons in your elbow are overloaded, usually by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm.

Tennis elbow, clinically known as lateral epicondylitis, is a painful condition in the elbow resulting from overuse and strain of the tendons in the forearm. While a relatively commonplace injury, tennis elbow can be a nuisance since the recovery and healing period can take up to six to twelve months, and even up to two years for severe cases.

People with tennis elbow experience soreness in the upper forearm and pain on the outside of the elbow. Overuse of the arm leads to tears and strains in the tissue and muscles surrounding the bony point of the elbow, causing inflammation and pain, affecting the tendons in the forearm. Lifting or bending the arm can exacerbate tennis elbow pain.

Tennis elbow can make it difficult to grip objects, open door handles, shake hands, or hold pens—resulting in persistent discomfort while conducting everyday activities.

A registered massage therapist can help speed up recovery from tennis elbow with massage therapy. Deep massage, friction massage, and sports massage are common techniques used to alleviate pain from tennis elbow. Deep massage is effective in treating tennis elbow because it increases circulation, breaks down tendon tension, and eases muscle spasms. Friction massage targets the tendon tissues by rubbing the most tender point of the forearm back-and-forth to reduce tenderness. Sports massage focuses on soft tissue injuries and aches and helps to improve blood flow and prevent further harm.

Because tennis elbow causes significant soreness and sensitivity in the forearm, it’s crucial to find an experienced registered massage therapist to administer the therapy. For an expert RMT in Coquitlam or an RMT in Port Moody, you can book an appointment with one of our practitioners at Inspine Therapy for a tailored treatment plan for your needs. Our RMTs are highly qualified professionals who create personalized plans for every individual, making our clinic the best for massage therapy in Port Moody.

What causes tennis elbow?

Despite its name, playing significant amounts of tennis isn’t the only way to develop tennis elbow. Any activity that requires repetitive use of the forearm can cause tennis elbow. Painting, using plumbing tools, and carpentry are some activities that make one prone to developing the painful condition.

Should I stay off work with tennis elbow?

To prevent from causing further damage to your elbow, avoid any movement that strains the muscles tendons in your arm. If your work involves activities that require heavy and repetitive use of your arm, it’s best to wait until the arm fully heals before resuming that activity.

What happens if tennis elbow is not treated?

Tennis elbow affects your ability to do everyday things. Not treating this condition can affect your quality of life, mental health, and can potentially cause further damage. If you don’t treat tennis elbow, the injury can become permanent or worsen.

What other remedies can help treat tennis elbow?

Pain relievers and rest can help you recover from tennis elbow. However, massage therapy can help expedite this long recovery process.

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