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Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

When you visit the massage therapy clinic here in Coquitlam or over in Port Moody, therapists use a range of treatments and techniques that are all designed to return patients to full fitness after an injury or illness. Kinesiology is just one such approach to physical therapy.

This anatomical science is a holistic method that utilizes treatments of the body’s muscles, tendons, joints, and connective tissues. Therapists study skeletal and muscular movements, and a kinesiology tape is a tool used to treat a selection of conditions without the need for surgery or medications.

Kinesiologists treat the body as if it were a complex machine, controlled by the brain – which can be considered a powerful computer. The brain sends signals to muscles, tendons, and joints via the nervous system. In a healthy body, muscles work in balance, but imbalances cause stress and lead to strains and injuries. Kinesiology tape can be used to alleviate pressures where imbalances have occurred, while a massage therapist uses other treatments and techniques to restore a healthy system.

What Is Kinesiology Tape, and How Does it Work?

As well as here at the massage therapy clinic in Port Moody, kinesiology tape is also widely used in sports. Watch any game in a host of major stadia, and the chances are you’ll see flashes of colourful strapping and tapes on many different body parts, such as knees, shoulders, and even the abdominal areas of athletes.

When that happens, sports therapists and physios have applied kinesiology tape to strategic body parts for a range of different clinical reasons:

  • To provide support

  • Reduction of swelling

  • To ease pain

  • Performance enhancement

Kinesiology tape is made from a breathable, stretchable material, which is typically cotton. It’s not designed to impede movement entirely, so the right blend of stretch and support is crucial. Kinesiology tape adheres to the skin so well that athletes and patients can wear it for long periods – sometimes several days. The glue is gentle on the skin and resistant to both sweat and water, making it a hugely helpful tool for physios and massage therapists.

The key to kinesiology tape’s success is how it mimics skin. It provides an element of support while allowing a full range of movement, which is essential for top-performing athletes and patients recovering from an injury. When you visit the massage therapy clinic at Coquitlam or Port Moody, your physical therapist may apply kinesiology tape as part of a carefully designed treatment program. The tape tightens slightly upon application and has several benefits:

Pain pathways signals: some research suggests that kinesiology tape affects how the nervous system sends pain signals. In your body, pain receptors are almost everywhere. Kinesiology tape reduces pressure on receptors by gently lifting the skin. Consequently, applying tape can even reduce pain caused by trigger points.

Circulation: When you’ve got an injury, circulation plays a hugely important part in the recovery process. Improvements to circulation are one of the primary aims of massage therapists. That’s because it can help reduce swelling and promote the movement of lymphatic fluids, which carries beneficial substances around the body. The lift provided by kinesiology tape creates space just beneath the skin and allows for freer movement of blood and lymphatic fluid, resulting in faster recovery times, better mobility, and reduced pain and bruising.

Support: Kinesiology tape is also used here at the massage clinic in Port Moody to provide support to specific muscles or joints as part of a broader treatment plan. Unlike a bandage, the tape provides that support without drastically restricting movement.

Posture and bad habits: Therapists often use kinesiology tape to ‘unteach’ the body’s bad habits. They can apply the tape to strategic areas to discourage unhealthy, incorrect posture or movement.

Scar tissue: Once a wound has healed, kinesiology tape is sometimes applied to improve the long-term appearance and flexibility of scars.

RMT in Coquitlam and Port Moody: Kinesiology Techniques As Part of A Comprehensive Treatment Plan

As with any technique or treatment, it’s important to get the best advice before you use kinesiology tape, and it can be detrimental or even dangerous when used incorrectly. For instance, it must never be applied to open wounds or when cancer is present. The tape could result in infection when applied to broken skin, and improving blood flow to a cancerous growth is not beneficial. Likewise, in the case of thrombosis or clotting, the tape could cause a life-threatening event.

Kinesiology tape is also dangerous for diabetics in some instances, with certain allergies and some skin conditions. The best way to reap the benefits of kinesiology tape is to book an appointment with a registered massage therapist in Port Moody or Coquitlam. You’ll receive a comprehensive assessment and the benefits of a tailor-made treatment program that utilizes techniques like kinesiology, RMT, physiotherapy, and acupuncture. Treatment plans are designed to work in tandem with the natural healing process and return you to fitness quicker.


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