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Benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy

How does Swedish massage work?

Here at the clinic in Port Moody, Swedish massage is one of our most requested treatments because it can help with recovery from a range of injuries but also invigorate and relax. You may already be familiar with images of this type of massage. It’s been around for a long time, and Swedish massage involves kneading, tapping, and careful manipulation of the joints. Swedish massage therapy concentrates on reducing tension in the outer muscle layers, so it’s different in many ways from deep tissue massage techniques.

What are the benefits of getting a Swedish massage?

You don’t need to be carrying an injury or have a chronic complaint to benefit from booking a Swedish massage therapy session in Port Moody or just to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy in general. In fact, thousands of Canadians enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of Swedish massage every week. It’s a great stress reliever for people who work in high-demand careers, and it’s also highly beneficial for elite sportspeople.

In addition, Swedish massage helps many people manage the effects of debilitating conditions ranging from strains and sprains to fibromyalgia and lower back pain to cancers.

· It’s a great way to prevent injuries in ligaments and tendons and improve your range of movement

· Swedish massage helps reduce both physical and emotional stress

· It helps reduce back pain and other types of chronic pain

· It’s effective at reducing the effects of muscular strains

· Swedish massage can promote blood circulation

RMT in Port Moody and Coquitlam: What does a Swedish massage involve?

So, when you book a Swedish massage therapy in Port Moody and Coquitlam, what should you expect? Your session will begin with a brief chat with your registered massage therapist and they’ll find out more about your general physical state and lifestyle before getting you to lie on a purpose-designed massage table.

You’ll typically need to remove some of your clothing because techniques involve the use of oils and other lotions, and the therapist will give you some towels. At the clinic in Port Moody, Swedish massage therapists employ four primary strokes:

1. Effleurage involves long strokes, feathering, and open palms to help remove muscle tension:

Effleurage is typically the first stage of a Swedish massage therapy session. It can be one of the gentlest techniques used in all forms of massage, with therapists employing various degrees of pressure to loosen knots and warm up your muscles.

2. Petrissage is a kneading, rolling technique:

Once your muscles are warmed up, therapists use petrissage or kneading and lifting movements to compress, squeeze, and roll tissues in order to loosen tense areas and promote blood circulation. Petrissage is an extremely versatile technique and, when performed well, is something of an art form because it can be tailored perfectly to the needs of different patients.

3. Friction consists of circular, deeper manipulation designed to promote circulation:

Friction is a firmer, more localised technique, and therapists typically use their fingers and thumbs to reposition and align muscle fibres and lessen tension. Friction often gets used when treating joint injuries.

4. Tapotement is when the therapist taps with cupped hands, their fingers, and the edges of the hands:

Tapotement is used to promote blood flow and relax tighter muscles and fibres. The therapist performs tapping movements using various forces according to the requirements of a specific patient or condition. They use their fists and cupped palms, the edges of their hands, slapping, and lighter, faster tapping with their fingers.

Port Moody Massage Therapy: Use Swedish massage to treat a number of ailments and promote wellbeing

Everyone out there can benefit from the therapeutic effects of Swedish massage, whether they’re recovering from a significant injury or a mild strain, play a lot of sports, or just need to relax after a challenging and stressful week at the office.

Here at the clinic in Port Moody, our team of experienced therapists can give you a thorough assessment and recommend several treatments and techniques for a broad range of reasons. If you’d like to find out more about Swedish massage therapy, book an appointment today!


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