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Benefits of Physiotherapy

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

These days, a broad range of people attend our physiotherapy clinic in Port Moody and Coquitlam for an equally wide range of reasons. They might be office workers who develop issues with posture, athletes, women who have recently given birth, or even sufferers of long-term pain related to work activities.

Two things that are common among people who suffer a short-term injury or illness or undergo surgery or develop chronic problems are pain and immobility. Both those symptoms can disrupt your everyday life and activities and lengthen the time it takes to get back on your feet or to work.

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy?

A physiotherapist can treat mobility issues and painful symptoms caused by injuries, arthritis, neurological problems, and chronic conditions. They're also widely employed to help people recover from occupational health issues and surgery. The benefits of physiotherapy range from increased mobility and flexibility to pain reduction, faster recovery, and even the prevention of future problems and injuries.

When we're sick or injured, the longer the experience drags on, the more of a toll it can take on the quality of our lives. Often, physical symptoms can lead to problems with mental wellbeing too. Physiotherapists can speed up recovery journeys and have multiple positive health effects for patients.

How does a Physiotherapist work?

Physiotherapists are highly skilled practitioners who can diagnose and treat a range of physical problems and symptoms using physical techniques and exercises that can promote recovery by increasing blood flow and movements ie.

· Manipulate limbs and joints

· Use massage techniques

· Employ stretching techniques

· Prescribe exercise

Is a Physiotherapist the right choice for me?

Especially if you've never experienced the benefits of seeing a physio before, you're likely wondering if a visit to your local clinic for physiotherapy treatment could help you. If you're getting over surgery, a recent injury, or even when you're just getting older, the chances are a trained physiotherapy professional can make the process easier.

Many people are surprised to learn that physiotherapists don't just treat injuries. They perform a wide selection of techniques to treat many different types of pain and immobility that can help you get over a problem more quickly, but they also specialize in injury prevention. Physiotherapists use personalized treatment programs to accomplish that, and no two patients or conditions are the same.

Physiotherapy to Treat Pain and Injuries

Many painful injuries can be caused by participation in sports, for example. When an injury occurs, the longer you're out of action, the lower your fitness levels drop, and that can make it even harder to get back to good health.

If you're experiencing pain, physiotherapists will first perform a thorough assessment and pinpoint the cause or causes of that; then, they'll employ one or more physical therapies to reduce your symptoms and improve your movement and quality of life.

Physiotherapy for Injury Prevention

If you're at risk of injury because you play sport or have a job that puts particular strain on specific parts of your body, physiotherapists can form part of a preventative strategy that combats posture and bad habits like incorrect lifting technique, for instance. They'll also look to strengthen specific areas of your musculoskeletal system, while prescribed exercises can help improve coordination.

When it comes to getting back to work after an injury, physiotherapists can form an important part of an active rehabilitation plan, helping you manage your condition as you heal fully, with a tailored plan that accounts for the nature of the problem, what you do for a living, and your physical makeup.

Physiotherapy and Surgery

Not only can a physiotherapist get you back on your feet quicker after surgery, but they can also help you get ready for a medical procedure. For post-operative patients, physios work in much the same way as with an injury, prescribing a carefully designed program that accounts for your specific characteristics, the nature of your surgery and concentrates on strength and mobility to improve the quality of your life and promote recovery.

With pre-operative patients, physiotherapists design programs that prepare your body and fitness levels for the stresses ahead, making you less prone to problems after your procedure and likely to get back to normal more quickly. Seeing a physio before and after surgery can cut your recovery time significantly and reduce the pain and immobility you suffer too.

Physiotherapy in Port Moody & Coquitlam

The many benefits of physiotherapy are almost impossible to list here. As well as the above, physios can help pregnant and post-natal mothers, help sportspeople prepare for a grueling season, race, or competition, assist with pelvic floor issues, relieve the pain caused by endometriosis, and offer support for a broad range of chronic health conditions like diabetes, lower back problems, joint pain, and arthritis.

If you're considering physiotherapy in Coquitlam or Port Moody, don't delay and book easily online. Timely physiotherapy treatment offers a range of benefits that can help you cope better day to day, recover faster from injury or a procedure, and feel better physically and mentally.

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