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What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

Myofascial release therapy is a treatment for muscle immobility and painful symptoms that relies on the relaxation of tense fibres. It’s known to improve circulation, which promotes healing. Fascia consists of relatively thin, elastic fibres that connect many structures within the human body. Tension in these fibres can cause pain, immobility and reduce blood flow in patients.

Myofascial Release Therapy in Port Moody and Coquitlam: Trigger Points

Trigger points are thought to be the cause of myofascial discomfort in a great many patients. Because myofascial tissue has a high nerve content, it can be the cause of both local and referred pain. That’s when a problem in one part of the body is experienced as discomfort in an entirely different area. Registered massage therapists are experts at identifying and diagnosing the causes of myofascial pain. They use palpation – which means examining a patient with their fingertips to locate trigger points and sources of myofascial tension.

You may have heard trigger points referred to as knots. When manipulated, knots can range between being extremely painful and tender. A registered massage therapist will sometimes work on trigger points for a considerable time to reduce stress.

How does Myofascial Release Therapy Work?

Myofascial release therapy is carried out by qualified registered massage therapists, and it’s essential to get an expert diagnosis when it comes to trigger points. You can think of therapists are highly experienced detectives who gradually narrow down the source of pain using hands-on techniques and by asking questions. When you book an appointment online with one of our RMTs in Port Moody, they’ll spend a session or two trying to locate both active and latent trigger points with a mix of palpation and verbal techniques.

Active trigger points are areas that are always or often painful, while latent trigger points only hurt after you aggravate a specific injury through use. Tracking down the source of referred pain requires experience and expertise, and it’s essential to get to the bottom of the cause of discomfort to move past the problem – not just ease pain in the shorter term.

Myofascial Release Therapy and Massage

Trigger point massage can involve very gentle pressure and manipulation using the thumbs, fingers, and hands and range to use of the elbows in some cases. It’s designed to relieve physical stress and promote healthy blood flow, which can worsen once the area becomes painful and tense. Myofascial release therapy stretches and loosens fascia to free up joints and muscles – targeting specific areas.

Tenderness in affected areas can inhibit mobility and literally pull our bodies out of alignment because we tend to favour or overuse one arm, hip, or shoulder, for instance. Such problems can result from repetitive strain or a deeper underlying cause like an undiagnosed injury. Registered massage therapists will:

  • Help increase your range of motion.

  • Reduce pain and promote recovery

  • Improve your circulation

  • Release muscle tension and knots

  • Like any form of massage therapy, myofascial release can reduce stress

The Benefits of A Holistic RMT Strategy: Pain Relief, Improving Strength, Promoting A Quick, Permanent Recovery

Myofascial release therapy will always form part of a broader strategy that looks to ease pain in the short term and then prevent symptoms from reoccurring. In some cases, myofascial release therapy gets used to prepare the patient for other forms of treatment designed to strengthen muscles and eliminate imbalances:

When should I seek out myofascial release therapy?

Trigger points themselves can cause other muscles in the body to compensate when a specific body part becomes painful – which can exacerbate problems. That means the best time to track down the cause of myofascial pain is as soon as possible. Massage therapists will face a bigger task and patients a lengthier process when issues are left to develop.

How to Get Myofascial Release Therapy in Port Moody and Coquitlam

As soon as you begin to experience pain or discomfort, it’s essential to get an accurate diagnosis from a qualified myofascial release therapy professional. At the RMT clinic in Port Moody, our dedicated team of massage therapy professionals helps thousands of people relieve painful symptoms caused by trigger points and injuries and then get on the road to a permanent recovery more quickly. Book online or by calling 604.936.8288 today!

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